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Kenzie Carlson

Kenzie Carlson, owner


Kenzie has been a strategic planner and facilitator since 2010. She began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a remote village in Tanzania. She connected community members to resources so that the villagers achieved their community's goal of soil conservation, food and water security and lower instances of HIV/AIDS.

Kenzie completed her Masters of Science in Bioregional Planning and Community Design at the University of Idaho. She excelled in quantitative and qualitative research development courses. Her degree enables her to support communities from across ecosystems, rather than just government boundaries, which come together to work on issues that connect and affect people on a geographic level. 

Prior to working in the private consulting industry, Kenzie spent several years in the public sector. She was an Assistant Professor for UW-Extension where she worked with town, village and city boards to address issues that faced their communities. Kenzie also worked for the Forest County Potawatomi, a forward-thinking tribe in Northern Wisconsin. As a Business Process Analyst for the tribe, Kenzie helped develop a capital building project process.

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